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Where can I find the Wyrmlight bow?

title says all.
i know that it is in the forest in the northwest of Wormwood Creek, but how can i open the barrier or the door?

Shenow provided additional details:

where is a ghost girl? there were only these skull soldiers in the forest and there is no ghost in Wormwood creek
can you tell me where she is? i already have 6 fyggs if its important

Shenow provided additional details:

i cant follow him he is just standing next to his Bed and when i try to talk to him he says "its nothing" or something like that

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Aniken5 answered:

Here's what u do:
1)Get all 7 fyggs from : Alltrades
Port Llafflan(?)
Zere Rocks
2)take the train to observatory
4)follow directions in WW Creek
5)meet Wallace at the cave in NE of WW Creek map
6)follow directions from Serena (statue used to be in right side of church)
7)return Serene Necklace to Serena
8) go 2 bowhole & beat Gadrongo
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BurliniNL answered:

Have you alredy talk to the Ghost Girl cuzz she will open it for you.
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Shaddowval answered:

You have to follow Wallace to the Hope Springs northeast of Wormwood Creek, after you talk to him and he heads back to town a ghost named Serena will show up and ask you to find her necklace she left by the guardian statue, it is not where you think it might be but instead located in the church. After you return it to her she will open the Bowhole for you to the northwest of Wormwood Creek and the Bow is located at the bottom of that dungeon.
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dq9fan answered:

You havent gotten all of the figgs theres one more have you gotten figgs from: alltrades abbey, port llaffin, zere rocks, bad cave , geeba swinedimple academy, and batsureg? if you havent get them and swinedimple academy and batsureg are both on the most northeastern continent. geeba is on the desert continent in the middle. once you get those ones then you can try to go to the observatory.
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0DragonWarrior0 answered:

After getting the necklace in the tomb in the church, go straight to the ghost girl then go to the sealed cave near the wormwood creek and defeated the boss then the the wyrmlight bow will appear.
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sdonkeykong answered:

First after you beat the boss Gadrongo in the Bowhole examine the pedestal and take Wyrmlight Bow from the pedestal. Hope this helps!
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dragonsakura22 answered:

You have to collect all 7 fyggs.
They are located in: Alltrades Abbey, Porth Llaffan, Zere Rocks, Bloomingdale, Gleeba, Batesburg and Swindimples Academy. Make sure you get the fygg located at Zere Rocks. I missed it on my first run. After you got all 7 fyggs, go back to the Observatory. After the scene, you will end up in Wormwood Creek. Then go to the church in the evening and talk to the mayor. After that scene go north and east onto the bridge keep on following that path to end up in a cave. Go to the southern end of the cave and squeeze in the little hole. Talk to Wallace and go back outside. Then talk to the ghost(Serena). Go back to Wormwood Creek and examine the statue. Then go to the church and examine the memorial stone. Go back to the cave and give the Serene Necklace to Serena. Then go to the Bowhole and defeat Godrongo(Boss) to get the Wrymlight bow
Sorry it's so long but I hoped I helped!
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