Question from Omgatron

Are there any Items that can only be found before completing a quest and do not reappear after completing the quest?

If there are can you tell me some, and also can there any side-quests the can be unlock before any main quest?


Axel9875 answered:

No there is none. But there is the cake from DQVC used in a later quest
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djcroft77 answered:

You can also get birthday cake by talking to the special inn guests on your actual birthday (that is, as long as your birthday you set in your DS system menu and the birthday you set in-game are the same heh heh)
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sylvain24 answered:

ahhh man! you mean i have to wait unitl dec. 31 (that's my birthday) to get a cake? I can't use the DQVC because my router and ds aren't compatible.
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epb45 answered:

You can change you're birth day on you're ds settings.
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