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How do I create other party members?

How do I create other party members?

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pekedey answered:

At the Inn in Stornway (after you have accepted the King's Request) you can talk with the lady (Patty) at the counter, she is on the far left of the north most counter to create new party members as well as add/remove members from your current party.
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skroops answered:

Talk to one of the people behind the counter at the inn at Stornway
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erdj88 answered:

Ok you have go to Stornway and talk to Patty. Now you might have to wait before (or after) you beat the Black knight. ( i did after I beat black knight because I wanted to level up my hero. She will give you option to call up a or recruit a friend. There the game with give some pre order made friends if not sure what skills to use. Or can order new one with recruit if want try some new if pick over hair color like me and skills. Hope this helps.

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Nick_Blackdar answered:

At the Stornway Inn, after the kings asks you to defeat the Wright Knight
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