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Wheres the best place to find Metel Slimes?


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Shaddowval answered:

You can find Metal Slimes in the Quarentomb west of Coffinwell. In addition to that you can find Metal Medley which is a 22k xp version in BAD Cave which is north of Bloomingdale, and you can find Liquid Metal Slimes which is the 44k xp version in The Bowhole north of Wormwood Creek
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Moulinoski answered:

I find them somewhat easy to find in the cave where you fight the freaky pink pot monster. I don't know in which language you're playing in, but in the Japanese one, the cave is west of Bekuseria.
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blazingearth answered:

In US Version, it's in the shrine west of Coffinwell, The Quarantomb...Just go inside and you can fight your metal slime there for 1000Exp and has 4 hp.
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