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Metal area?

Is there an area with mostly metal slimes, liquid metal slimes ect? Like in dragon quest 8

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Hmm, ill try looking up things about that dungeon, thanks for answering btw, im going to keep this open so i can get more answers.

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So I have to actually play with someone if I want to get to that dungeon? I just can't go to it solo?

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I cant fly yet but theres a cliff by angels falls that u can fly to that has alot of metal slimes?

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From: jiraiya19 4 years ago

in level B2 and B3

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There is but we dont know what its called its a dugeon with nothing but metal slime some one found it in japan and the next day alot of people had that duageon but for now all you can do is goto quatertomb for metal slimes and metal slime stacks at the cave north of bloomingdale

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There are about 4 dungeons in the game that contain Metal Slimes, such as the Quarantomb and the Bad Caves. Searching in Grotto's by using the treasure maps may turn up great results, though, as people have been known to find mostly metal smile populated grottos.

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Also, in the Bowhole, you can find Liquid Metal Slimes

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The "dungeon" talked about above is a Treasure Map. It has a random assortment of monsters and that particular map has A LOT of Metal monsters. Sadly, you will only get that map if you Tag someone who already has it. Another possibility is getting a TMap of your own but as I said the Monsters are random. Good luck.

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While it is not a pure metal area, The cliff that you cannot access until you can fly in Angels Falls is populated by nothing but slimes, and it contains, Metal Slimes, Metal Medley, and Liquid Metal slime, and they tend to have 4-5 of them in each combat.

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