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What is the best party for a newbie?

Hi there,

I've asked myself what kind of party would be best for newbies. And I'd love to know a pre-JobChange and a JobChanged party if its ok for you ;-)



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Does it make sense to make the hero (warrior) a Gladiator later on and/or the priest a paladin? (Do paladins learn ressurect spells?)

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earthlykaiser answered:

I'd suggest a Martial Artist, a Priest, and a Thief.

The Martial artist is pretty much a faster warrior, and if you pump all your skill points into fisticuffs(or claws, your choice) and the class's special skill, you can essentially create something that can punch god in the face, and kill him.
The priest is a good step for any starter(I mostly go with a mage, since I tend to be a more offensive player), since they can heal, and the have a handy ability that lets you see how much EXP the characters need to level up(this is for people new to Dragon Quest, since it isn't shown in the stats menu), and they can double as a secondary fighter with spears.
The thief is just a personal choice, since they are fast, can steal items, and on the field they can sniff out treasures, if you max out the thief class's special skill, they can put the treasures up on the map to help with the looting.

Oh, and just a side note, the first class I changed my hero into after I could do so was a Martial artist, and when I was at that point in the game, he punched out Lleviathan, barehanded.
God, I love the martial artists, they are awesome.
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onvicco answered:

Definitely include a of them including your minstrel hero will be enough to keep your party alive. I went with a mage and a monk. Mage for multi-enemy spells and offense while monk does high single enemy damage.

Post job change, all I did was make my hero into a warrior because my priest got really good stats and cuz minstrels can't use the heavy hitting or heavy defending items that warriors can.

All in all take 2 melee, 1 healer, 1 mage. It's the classic tried and true RPG party set up.
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