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How do I get past Gleeba ?

How do i save the 5th fygg and get it from Her Majesty

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AgentCGR answered:

Go to the roof
Jump on the water
eventually Drak will eat part of the fygg and become a monster
Follow him in the well
Defeat him
Get the fygg
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SirFlyingbob answered:

If you already found the lizard then she should be heading for the bath. Talk to the people across from her bathing room and they mention the man on the roof. Go to the roof and talk to the man and he tells you that the pool on the roof drains to her bathroom. Jump in and let the events play out.
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MyndHed answered:

FYI to find the lizard, go to the shaded area just west of the castle and use the Clap party trick. (If it doesn't work, try talking to the townsfolk; one of them tips you off to look in this location; I'm not sure whether you have to talk to him first.)
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