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How do I defeat a Metal Slime?

I've ran into a Metal Slime three times now, but they run away after about 3 attacks, first turn. Everything I've tried haven't even scratched it. What's the trick to defeating one?

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Also, this is my first Dragon Quest game, so I'm pretty much a newb to all things DQ.

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Shaddowval answered:

Metal slime type monsters all have very low hp, about 4 for a metal slime to 11 on a Liquid metal slime, they have max defense and are immune to magic, so you can't do more then 1 damage without a critical hit. You want skills that hit a lot like Nail Rake for claw or Falcon Slash, also having high Deftness for increase chance of critical hit is very important. It's basically all luck.
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rccx answered:

Metal slash?
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