Question from Shaddowval

Asked: 4 years ago

Where can I find Steel Weapons and Armor?

I can't seem to find how to either make or buy Steel Equipment, I have the recipe for Gigasteel and all I need is Steel to make them.

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From: d3L3710n 4 years ago

To my knowledge, you need to alchemize them.

Get as many items as you can that have the word "Iron" in them, and look around for Iron ore, Royal soil, and Lava lumps.

I've found Royal soil in a small, closed-off clearing on Newid Isle south of Alltrades Abbey; it can also be found around Swinedimples to the south.

Iron ore is to the northeast of a mountain side with a bunch of gravel/sand/dirt around the area; if you see snow/clouds on the side of the mountain, that's where it's usually found.

Going all the way to the west of Newid Isle, there should be a reddish crack in the side of the mountain if you go down into a hook-ish formation, where Lava lumps can be found.

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Other towns ithink

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