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Can anyone tell me about saving in the game? Are there save points or can you save whenever you want? Thanks.

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VulpesMundi answered:

Dragon Quest IX requires you to save in specific locations (most often these are in churches). However, there is also a quick save function that can be used almost anywhere. As with most quick saves, this temporary file will disappear once it's reloaded. Also of note is that the main save file of the game is limited to only one (unlike previous titles in the series that had three or more), so there's no option for backup or to play multiple files.
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TGSnowwy answered:

You can quick-save (presumably anytime you're not in a battle or cutscene), but it gets deleted when you restart.
You can save normally at Churches; this remains until you save over it. However, you only get one normal save-slot (plus the quick-save).
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mby123 answered:

All you have to do is go to a church and talk to the preist(usaully guy all the way up)or go to misc. and do a quick save. The only difference is when you load the quicksave the data for is deleted and regular saving its not deleted so if you die on a boss and use good items you unnecissarilly use you can turn off the game and be able to play before that hapenned.
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