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Wheres the red signpost??

quest is Keep your eyes peeled

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coydog_30 answered:

It's easy to find if you Zoom to Alltrades Abbey and board the boat. Go west between the two continents(the one to the north is home to Angel Falls and Stornway) until you reach a big island with rocks and mountains surrounding all but the eastern passage you're taking. Disembark and locate the sign on the southern part of the map. You need only read the back of the sign to complete the quest as that's all I did myself.
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Zaane1291 answered:

The continent with the island in the middle of it (on the west side of the world map i think) It's on the south east part of that island make sure u read both sides of the sign before heading back (front and back)
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jeronimo777 answered:

If you want to make sure it is the right island, you should see a lot of cyclops. The sign is the same size as any other sign you see, only it is red.
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