Question from qtang1

Where can I find (Magic Door)?

Does anyone know where some of the magic door is? Thank a mil

qtang1 provided additional details:

I know that their the blue door. I need to know some of the loction beside the two you mention. Thank a mil

retroninty asked for clarification:

Are you asking how to find the key or where the Magic Doors are?

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StarSolarDQ answered:

These are all the places where the magic doors are
Zere Inn, Coffinwell Inn (just above, up the stairs), Bloomingdale Bloome Residence (upstairs, you can't miss it), Gleeba Palace (somewhere in there, it's not THAT big), Swinedimples Academy (The building with the classrooms in, downstairs). And thats 'bout it.
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Shaddowval answered:

Magic Doors are the blue ones with the key hole in the center, they are located in almost every major towns, such as the upstairs of Marion's Manor in Bloomingdale and inside the center building in The Academy.
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SILKA answered:

The blue doors scattered around, but you must go to the Desert Castle first and find the key.
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CidVIIChick answered:

Theres one in coffinwell, near the mayors house, the staircase leading down to a bunch of pots
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rh3ia answered:

They are purple, not blue!
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Requiem_Blade answered:

Check the chest/key FAQ.
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retroninty answered:

How do you get the Key for them???
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gamernerd51 answered:

Theres one in swinedimples and zere inn
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epb45 answered:

You get the key at the top of gleeban palace, theres a door near the guy fishing, and the guy who lets you become a paladin.
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