Question from BurliniNL

How do I beat the samurai cat?

this is my team

minstreal lv 37
thief lv 37
paladin lv 30
ranger lv 30

my hero and my ranger can cast zing but that dam cat kils my whole team with multi slash and demon slash HELP???

BurliniNL provided additional details:

I alredy beat him
by just kabuff and midheal
but how do you beat the final boss after he has changed to his second form?

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Shaddowval answered:

I've found that using buff/kabuff is favorable along with having two healers minimum incase one gets knocked down. Also having some yggdrasil leaves will help, you can find one on the world map on a small island with a blue tree on it in the southeast corner. Otherwise make sure you have the best equipment and heal every round, multi heal with a cleric is valuable.
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youjustlost answered:

Try leveling up more...?
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TheTaker3k answered:

considering the cat only has 1 move per turn, all you need is to use your healers better, but they need to have strong HEALING spells, not just heal and zing: i'm talking midheal, and moreheal, and multiheal (but i don't have multiheal so idk if its in this game)
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