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What is the best strategy for a party of 2?

Anyone know of a good plan or strategy for a party of 2 made of the main and a mage?

DumplingDevil provided additional details:

Also does anyone know where i can find some lava lumps and royal soil?

DumplingDevil provided additional details:

I tried using an armentalist but it seemed all their skills where just debuffs and nothing that really did any damage


Geese85SNK answered:

Just be sure to level grind a little more then u would a party of 4 i see u having a harder time with the game but thats up to anyone who whats more of a challenge.
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LiCK1TunG answered:

I'd level up 4 times as hard as full party leveling..
coz i've tried beating the game with a party of 2.. and it Failed tragically..

sorry but i dunno about loots.. maybe any other person can help you
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Metalslime13 answered:

Im not sure how well a mage would go as your only other person. If I was just using two people I would probly go with a mage and when you unlock more classes go with a armentalist and possibly a sage.
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nivek96 answered:

You have 2 options
1:Grind the hell out of the world
2:get new party members[priest prefrably]
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