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How do I unlock Superstar class?

I've beaten the game, but Superstar isn't a selectable class to change into. Is there and NPC somewhere I need to get a quest from? Do I have to start a new game?

d3L3710n provided additional details:

We're getting close. Just gotta know where exactly the Moai minstrels are.

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SirFlyingbob answered:

The enemies are Moai Minstrels and it looks like they are in fairly high level nature grottoes.
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youjustlost answered:

It's a quest, and I don't know where to get it. Search the boards.
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xGhostFreakx answered:

Go to gleeba after u beat the game and in the building with the dancers their should be a girl in the left bottom corner she will give u a quest that requires u to kill a minister moai (which i do not know where to find one) with the hot lick ability.
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