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How do you unlock ranger?

How do you unlock ranger?

d3L3710n asked for clarification::

Where can you find a Hocus chimera?

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Shaddowval answered:

There is a person at the bottom of Lonely Peak, the location with Zere rock, she will give you a quest to kill hocus chimera using just the knife's toxic dagger ability, killing them off with the venom alone. once you complete this and turn it in you unlock ranger.
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DavarGrey answered:

Just beyond the quest giver inside of Zere Rocks.
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Malroth_returns answered:

They only have to die from the venom tick, there's no rule saying you can't speed things up by having weaker characters lower their hp by attacking them first.
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ss14hero answered:

This is just a tip on how to beat them.Have your weakest party member damage them a little bit and then block them from using spells so they can't cast midheal before you use the venom slash thing.
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