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Where can I find (Working with Whips)?

I need to find the book titles "Working With Whips" so my minstrel girl can learn Serpent's Bite attack, can sumbody please tell me where in the game world i can find the book?

Specific location and directions would be much appreciated...

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drgnslayers answered:

Actually, find Mr Whippy in Swinesdimples and he will send you see Catwright in the lighthouse near Bloomingdale. Then, this guy will ask for you to kill a drastic drackal and a dreadful drackal using the leather whip. Do so and return to Catwright and he'll give you a parcel to give to Mr. Whippy.
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The_Code_Monkey answered:

I don't know the name of the town it's in but it's in the town that has *SPOILERS* the contagion boss. It's in that castle... Upstairs I believe on one of the bookshelves..... I'm not sure though... I can't exactly remember.
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marsofthefire answered:

In swinedimples academy, there are 2 quests you need to complete. But to get the book, you need whips maxed out
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