Question from Rickraptor77

Asked: 4 years ago

Where can I find (Brouhaha Boomstick)?

I need the Brouhaha Boomstick to power up my female mage...please i must find it!!!

Accepted Answer

From: DavarGrey 4 years ago

After you gain the Fygg at Swinedimples you'll be told that all the weapons instructors have returned. Outside the main building entrance on the left is an old man who gives you the quest "You scratch my back..." if a character in your party has a wand skill of 30 or more. He'll tell you to go to his old apprentice at Slurry Quay to get a backscratcher, the guy at the shop there who just talks but doesn't sell. He'll say he threw the backscratcher away in Tywell cave, the one where you fought Leviathan. You'll then need to go around killing monsters in there until one of them coughs up the back scratcher (stealing doesn't help here). I got it when I finally found a salamander to kill, so maybe that's the monster that always has it... come to think of it, that may very well be the only monster in that cave that might find a backscratcher useful... Anyway return the backscratcher and you'll receive the Brouhaha Boomstick.

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I believe you get it by completeing quest#69: You Scratch My Back...
Talk to the old man named Itchy outdoors at Swinedimples Academy.

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