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Asked: 4 years ago

Where do i find a sun stone?

I want to make a pair of combustion claws but i dont know where to find a sun stone. someone just tell me where it is and where its close to. if its dropped by a monster tell me which one and where it is.

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Where do i find a mirror stone and lucida shard?

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From: Shaddowval 4 years ago

The only place I've found Sunstones is via Alchemy, The recipe is 2 Lucida Shards, 3 Mirrorstones and 1 Hephaestus' flame.

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You can create one in alchemy thats how i got mine

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You can find Mirrorstones can be found in Urdus Marshland, you have to go from the snow area around swinedimples and head to the west, then it circles around to a small island that you can farm mirrorstone at. As for Lucida shards you can make it via alchemy using 3 brightrocks (which can be found just northeast of Gleeba near a defunct well), and 3 evencloth which either drop off most undead or can be farmed on the easternmost continent on a small area that has a bunch of gravestones.

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The beach on the West side of the South West continent has a spawn of 5 mirrorstones as well. Just sail the ship around and land there but watch out the critters there can be quite nasty.

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Lucida shard: Alchemy

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The 2 mirrorstone spawn places (west of Swinedimples taking the southern route around, and the western coast of the southwestern continent) have been covered, and will be out of the way, either way. For the lucida shards, to get just 2, warp to Gleeba, and go northeast to the abandoned well for about 8 brighten rocks. From there, go almost due south (with a bit of east) to go down the steps into a dried, cracked land. (When the spawning enemies are exploads and gold golems, you're in the right area.) Go west and up onto a little plateau, where you can usually get 6 evencloth. If you want more of either of these, evencloth spawns northeast of Alltrades Abbey, and brighten rocks can be found west of Wormwood Creek- change screens, and go to the northwest area where there are several piles of rocks.

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Check Zaraf's guide. Alcemy only, or you could check Alchion or something simililar two to get some if you are lucky.

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