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Asked: 4 years ago

Where can I find a Stardust Sword?

How do you get the stardust sword?

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From: Kagi_Omiya 4 years ago

Stardust Swords can be obtained in high level grottos at low levels in Blue Chests.

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Don't know where to find it but you can make it
Stardust sword = Supernova sword x 1 + Reset stone x 1
Hope that help

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Yeah, seems the only way get one is in those grottos like Kagi Omiya said.

BTW qtang1, the supernova sword is the superior version to the stardust sword.
You actually needed a stardust sword in the first place to create a nebula sword which in turn creates a Supernova sword (as long as you have four Agate of evolution and silver orbs).

The Hypernova sword is like the Master sword.
You have to go through a lot of bullsh*t to acquire it.

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