Question from Lordluxion

Where do I get the 7th fygg?

I have the fyggs from Dourbridge, Bloomingdale, Gleeba, Gatsureg, Swinedimples Academy, and Alltrades Abbey, where do I go for the 7th fygg?

manadart1 asked for clarification:

Did you go heights of loneliness that goes to Zere rocks?

Accepted Answer

Shaddowval answered:

It would be the one in Zere Rocks from the looks of it, Lonely Heights mountain is southeast of Dourbridge and on top of that is Zere Rocks.
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beardmanly answered:

Porth Llaffen. It's south of Alltrades Abbey
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TheTaker3k answered:

Port Llaffen. ^ beard is right, its that port south of alltrades abbey.... you should have that fygg already though, because i don't think you can get the ship without going through Port Llaffen...
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