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Question about changing classes?

So when i change classes, do my stats/ skills get passed on to the next class? So if i changed my minstrel to a warrior. Will the stats be passed on to him too? Also, what about spells? If my minstrel changed to a warrior, do the spells passed to him? If not, can i just changed him back to a minstrel and get any stats/skills/spells back?


iliekpieplz answered:

Stats and spells don't get passed on. Abilities however, do. You can change back to any class with no penalties.
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outtapride answered:

Changing from class to class has no negative effects
Unqie to each class: Level,spells,stats(expect perma boosts see below)
Shared by clases:skills(once you unlock a skill its there for good),sp(see below)
Level- is locked to each class, lets say you had a 15 minstrel and you change him to warrior. Those 15 levels are stored on minstrel, and you start as a level 1 warrior. Then you go back to minstrel after hitting say 10. You know go back to the level stats you were last at when you were a minstrel.So a character can be a 99 minstrel and a 10 paladin,5 mage etc.
Sp-Your sp pool is shared by all classes,so you can use sp from one class to level skills in another
Lets say you got 5 sp in warrior,you could use that 5 sp for any other skills even for other classes skills
Stats- like levels stats are locked to each class expect for perma boosts from skills. An example would be martial artists +30 max hp in focus once you get that unlocked that +30 mp applies to alll classes. This rule is true with weapon boasts as long as your using the right weapon. Ie + 10 attack with sword applies to both minstrel with sword and warrior with sword
Spells are locked to each class
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