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Can I change my heroes appearance late in the game?

Is there any way to change his appearance, particularly his hair style?

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dionkun answered:

No, there is not.
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OnyxFlameGod answered:

Not without using a save editor or action replay codes, there is not.
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DQ9_beast_13 answered:

No i have beat the game twice and still haven't found a way
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albelclaw answered:

Only way you can is to wear certain equipment such as Maya's Mane(or whatever) that give you the hair of characters from past games. You cannot change your original appearance though
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tul3 answered:

You Can Change His Hairstyle By Getting Wigs And, Of Course, Clothes, Armour, Weapons, Etc. You Can't Change The Rest Of His Appearance, Though. Sadly.
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Man0fBass answered:

There are some items that will change hairstyle (Ex: Templar's Tresses will give you a gray ponytail), but other than that, no.
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nivek96 answered:

He will look like that till the end of time
however,wigs and the like will change his hair
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gamernerd51 answered:

Really the only way is to get wigs
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bobbobbob111 answered:

You have to find wigs for that. Otherwise your stuck with the same hair until/if you start a new game.
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epb45 answered:

No, unfortuantly not. I wanted to change my fourth character, who I accidently made shorter than everyone else.
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nazacuckoo answered:

No, not technicaly, anyways.
Like the other users have said you need to get wigs, but these don't count as a hairstyle,
they count as a head item, but if your alright with this then to get wigs you must go to the stornway inn
and use the DQVC wifi shopping service, with this done some special guests will apear at the inn in the royal suite, and if you set the date on your DS to your birthday and talk to the special guests (characters from older DQ games) and they will give what they are wearing on their heads, or sometimes, a wig
just like a replica of their hair. Hope this helps :)
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sparlingcrow answered:

I have one alot of styles but i have never tried the outfit that the dancer is wearing in the title video, i have the dress,the shoes,the circlet just not the wig, hairstyle!
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oznomad80 answered:

Nope, you have to like what you already have or start the whole game over, unless you wish to wear wigs.
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crusader360 answered:

No sadly you can't but if you could that would be awesome, also it is not worth it to delete one of your characters for a new one dont even think about you will most likely regret it, I did.
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squirtle1982 answered:

There is no way to change the appearance of your character other than certain clothes
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