Question from Crocoii

What's the effect of style ?

Does it for Entertainer and Superstar skill ?
Something else ?

Accepted Answer

DavarGrey answered:

If you keep working at style/charm, even more drastic effects can happen to monsters that can't keep their eyes off of you. I've had monsters become confused and start attacking other monsters, and even once a monster became outright paralyzed. Also noticed that the noturiously hard to hit with status effects metal slimes are just as prone to charm as any other monster.
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VulpesMundi answered:

Basically it's supposed to effect the chance of success for certain shock effect skills. Anything that stuns, dazzles, or charms without a direct attack would fall under this list.
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Crystalorbie answered:

Don't forget that "x monster stares at y character, completely enthralled" phrase that can come up.

The more stylish (or in some cases, the more a character looks like they should be in that Gleeba dancing place as a performer) a character looks the more likely that can come up.

By the way, that phrase wastes that action for that enemy.
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