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With the first boss, I leveld up 2 levels.
But only got skill points for 1 lvl. (3 skill points).
I leveled up from 5 to 7.
Is it that at some level you don't get skill points?
Or did I just skip it for some reason?

Accepted Answer

SolNeko answered:

Yea only some levels get skill points, i believe its every 3 levels, as you get higher up you get more skill points for levelling too
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DavarGrey answered:

You get a certain number of skill points at certain levels. The scheme isn't an even pattern (I'm in the thirties and some levels are giving me six skill points when I reach them) but it remains the same no matter your class. I'd say to look at the EXP guide in the faq section, but I've already noticed that the scheme is different from the Japanese version.
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Shaddowval answered:

There is a Faq here that shows you what levels give what skill points and when. I found it very helpful you might look into that for more info.
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pokemonfreak97 answered:

Every 3rd level (starting from 7, so 7, 10, 13, 16, 19, 22, etc.) don't give you any skill points.
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