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Are Liquid Metal Slimes Or Metal King Slimes In This Game?

Im Looking for a faster way to lvl up

rccx provided additional details:

When i found liquid metal slimes they only gave me 10k exp

dq9fan asked for clarification:

Are you sure that wasnt a metal medley?

rccx provided additional details:

@dq9fan Im sure it wasnt a metal medley cuz it wasnt 3 metal slimes stacked together

dq9fan asked for clarification:

Did you have a four person party?

rccx provided additional details:

Yeah i had a full party

dezedude97 asked for clarification:

Where is the tower of nod?

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InfernoLeo answered:

The following is a list of all the metal slimes, where there found, and how much exp them give.
Metal slimes: The Quarantomb, Pluvi isle, Angel falls high grounds. 4096 exp.
Metal Medley: The Bad cave, the lonely coast, the magmmaroo, Angle falls high grounds. 12288 exp.
Liquid Metal Slime: The bowhole, Angel falls high ground. 40200 exp.
Metal king slime: The tower of nod. 120040 exp.
Platinum King Jewel: Grotto's only. 240000 exp.
and all but the metal slimes can also appear in grotto's.
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Shaddowval answered:

I have yet to find Metal King Slimes, but you can find Liquid Metal Slimes in the Bowhole northwest of Wormwood Creek, they give 44k xp.
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dq9fan answered:

Yes there are king metal slimes but they are very rare and i only know for them to show up in a map found in japan but shaddowval is right about the liquid metal slimes being in the bowhole nourth west of wormwood and them giving 44k xp
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TheTaker3k answered:

I don't know about any King metal slimes, but the liquid metal slimes are in the bowhole northwest of windwood creek, and they do give 40200 exp (its in the defeated monster list info), however if you have a party, the exp is divided evenly among them (having a 3 person party pays off)
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Shaddowval answered:

The metal slimes give your party 40k xp in total that means split between all your members and also adjusted for level. I'm not sure how the level adjustment works but it seems you get the most exp around level 30-40. You can find the liquid metal slimes in the Bowhole just to the northwest of Wormwood Creek if you've progressed enough in the story to open it, Alternately if you've already beaten the game you can access a slime haven on the cliffs outside Angel falls where you can fight up to Liquid Metal Slimes in large groups.
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JustMeAlex3 answered:

Metal King Slimes are in the Tower of Nod and in the grottoes you open up with treasure maps, and you can also find a monster called Platinum King Jewel, witch gives you 240000 exp when/if you kill it. They are also found in the grottoes but they're extremely rare I've only ever seen one.
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RPGaddict28 answered:

Metal king slimes are in grottoes which are rather hard to get.Liquid metal slimes are in the bowhole northwest of wormwood, after you get all seven fyygs
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MikotoEri answered:

King Metal slimes can be found in the Tower of Nod and the grotto. You will get about 30,000 Xp
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xpertgamer101 answered:

There are all types of Metal slimes in this game. Metal Slimes, Metal Medleys, Liquid Metal Slime, and Metal King slimes.
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JohnRust7 answered:

Yes, and there is also the Platinum King Jewel which can only be found in the Grotto but generates a massive 240,000 experience points when defeated.
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dezedude97 answered:

Go into the Bowehole to the SE corner of B3 and wait patiently. This is the place where all of the floor's monsters spawn. Occasionally, Liquid Metal Slimes will appear. CAUTION: They tend to flee often, so use moves like Metal Slash to quickly tear it down. However, when you beat it, it distributes 44k exp throughout your party. This is an AWESOME way to level up FAST.
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Briarblade answered:

The tower of nod is located directly west of coffinwell.
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