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Where do i find Great Trolls?

I am getting impatient with getting the sage... i must find my great trolls! Any idea where they are?

Green_Mamba provided additional details:

oh, and a rough estimate of their HP would be nice...

TheTaker3k asked for clarification:

That isn't an answer, NintenJoey, i think maybe you shud ask ur own question... ever think of it?
And if you can't figure out that you r supposed to go left, and then down under a overhead bridge, then i don't understand how you made it through the whole game up till now....

Accepted Answer

JIValentine87 answered:

It took me a while to find them, but they are in the Realm of the Almighty. They spawn constantly in a room with locked jail cells. This is after you free Corvus from the basement of Gittingham Palace.
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Shaddowval answered:

Realm of the Mighty, the next area you go to after you finish Gittingham Palace.
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Shaddowval answered:

They have about 600 hp
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mario_luigiguy answered:

The Realm of the Mighty, which is the Realm of the Almighty transformed by Corvus, is the only place to find the Great Trolls. If you've beaten Corvus already, you have to wait until you gain complete control of the Starflight Express to return to the Realm of the Almighty. There, go upstairs to the area where you offered the fyggs and Celestria will be there. Talk to her and she says she can send you to the Realm of the Mighty. Otherwise, just go to a blue tree and fly to the Realm of the Almighty/Mighty and do it that way.
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NintenJoey answered:

Hey can Someone tell me how to get through the realm transformed by corvus?

I go inside the entrance and there is a crossing. all of them are dead ends!! Iam really stuck.
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MorbidAri answered:

Their hp is roughly between 715-750 from what i've seen. This seems to be fairly close from what i've tested.
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DaveyN4 answered:

i see in the defeated monter list by the demon family that:

169 Great troll

regular haunts:
Realm of the Migty

so i think that ????????? means there is also an other place! i don't now where (yet). but if somebody finds out where the are too that would be a big help
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VentusStorm answered:

however... if you don't want to Go though the pain of That... This, Might help...

Great Trolls cannot ALSO be found in those 2 places, But in Rank E Ruin Grottoes.

Consult this Gamefaqs Guide if you have any Questions to Why i'm saying this. Also... Knock off about 500 BEFORE you start using Frizz.
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Tensuda answered:

You find Great Trolls in the Realm of the Almighty pretty much at the end of the game.
They usualy lurk around the two rooms before the core and in the room before the huge staircase leading to the base of the core.

While you're taking damage off it's hp, you should egg on your mage's tension to near enough to max so the frizz will be more powerful...that is unless your the mage where in that case you can get a friend to egg you on.
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