Question from meundies

Asked: 4 years ago

What is a Coup de Grace?

And how do i get one? Whenever it pops up in a fight the monsters die before i can use it, never sure what i did to make it happen!

Accepted Answer

From: Shaddowval 4 years ago

a coup de grace is a special attack specific to each class type, it's set up randomly in fights and usually has some sort of special effect. Like the warrior has one that makes the attack a critical no matter what. and the thief has one that makes it a guarantee of an item drop for a specific monster.

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I think the mage and preists are pretty valuable.

Mage: makes casting all spells take no MP, which is useful for them when they run out of MP.
Priests: they can heal everyone (whos alive) to max HP without spending any MP.

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