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Where can I find the metal slime gear?

I'm at the end of the game and I usually like to have the best stuff I can for equips. I can't find info on the metal slime equipment anywhere!

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Blademaster_Kai answered:

The Metal Slime Gear are found in S-Rank Blue Chests in the Grottos... but I have no idea what makes a chest an S-Rank one... guess it means it's a high-level one, like 80-90? Try there.
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OnyxFlameGod answered:

I'm not 100% sure, but the guide I was looking at says treasure map chests.
I haven't gone to any treasure map places yet, so I can't confirm that.
The higher grades of metal slime armor are gained through synthesis. That much I know for sure.
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Master_Pie answered:

Ive gotten the helmet and shield in lvl 80-90 grottos.
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Kyle1164 answered:

Alchmise things togethor or Try Grotto's like others said

Check the Alchmey FAQ for the Combination
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