Question from Zalomar

Asked: 4 years ago

Multiplayer limitations?

What can you actually do with the multiplayer in this game? The instruction manual gives a VERY brief overview of it. How does it work? Can both players explore on the field, or does only the "host" player control movement, and the only multiplayer parts happen in battles? Does money get split? Can items be traded? Can both players progress and complete quests, or is the seconard player locked in only being able to get xp and items?

Additional details - 4 years ago

Thank you. Does money get split between the players, like XP? Can players trade items between each other?

Accepted Answer

From: Shaddowval 4 years ago

Multiplayer works with both of you controlling yourselves but if one gets in a fight you both go into the battle. The host is the only one that can progress quests and story but you can get xp and items.

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