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Meaningful differences between weapon types and between status effect types?

I'm wondering to what extent there exist actual differences between weapon types and between status effect types. I realize that, in a sense, in all RPGs any weapon is just an avatar for a set of statistics. But there are varying degrees to which different weapon types "matter" in different practical situations.

In DQ IX, there are somewhere around eight weapon types, right? What makes these weapons different? Are there some monsters that are weaker against "boomerangs" and others that are weaker against "spears" (for example)? Do "swords" have a different likelihood of a critical hit than "daggers" but "daggers" less likely to miss the target (again, for example)? Or are "swords" and "boomerangs" and "spears" and "daggers" all just different visual representations of a single thing, which is the attack stat?

Likewise, is there a different between status effects that debilitate? I realize that poisoning makes you lose HP and "sleep" stops you from attacking. But is there a difference, practically speaking, between "sleep" and "terror" and "laughter" (as induced by the Pratfall skill)? Why would I want to use Pratfall rather than a Sleep spell - why do I want my enemy to laugh rather than sleep?

I know that for each weapon type, there is a different skill tree, and this will likely wind up creating differences between swords and spears in practice, because different attacks will be available. This is not what I am specifically curious about. What I'm wondering is if the weapons *themselves* are anything more than different names for the same thing, and likewise if all the non-HP-reducing status effects are simply different names for "stop the enemy from attacking me for one or more turns"?


Shaddowval answered:

Weapons are a bit different, mainly with the stats they come with. Daggers, while not as strong as swords tend to also include agility. Wands drain MP, Claws have multiple stats to go with the attack to make up for lower attack. As far as status effects go, sleep is a multiple round thing that can be interrupted by being hit. While laughter or terror lasts for a single round regardless.
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DavarGrey answered:

Most important difference I've found with weapons is the skill sets that you can only access when you're wielding that weapon. For example you can only use Metal Slash, GigaSlash, etc. when you're holding a sword, and a magic character only gets the huge mp bonuses, not to mention auto mp recovery, when holding a wand, other weapons have other exclusive skills that are more or less useful in different situations. Also, overall some weapon types like the boomerang might have lower attack stats, but offer something useful like hitting every enemy at once.

I'm not sure of this version, but in previous games different monsters would have different resistances to different status effects. So for example a monster might be really vulnerable to sleep spells, but resist terror or humor abilities. There might also be a monster that can never be frightened with a war cry, but will fall for a good pratfall every time.
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lazymaster02 answered:

Whips, boomerangs and daggers are the weakest because whips and boomerangs attack more than 1 enemy and daggers usually come with an extra stat, claws get really strong attacks because u dont use just one claw u use 2 which means more attack power and abilities that can attack up to 5 times, if u use wands u get bonus magic strength and more mp, swords there well rounded so thats what i use, spears r kinda like sword, i didnt mention everything but i hope this helps.
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