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Asked: 4 years ago

What to do after finishing the game for the first time?

I've beaten the game. And I want to ask could we go to places that we've never go before, can we fly after finish the game for the first time? And is there any story more since it was finished with "to be continued" after the credit?

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Go to Port Llafan and talk to Jona, she will have a quest for you that opens up everything you can do end game.

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Then i would either get all the vocation and/or weapon scrolls, search grottoes, complete new quests, or all of the above (thats me). or, you could farm your team

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get the starflight express... Then this is where the REAL fun begins
1.Start leveling, like crazy
2.Grotto hunt, when you reach lv99 revocate, training on slime hill is quite tedious, so every once in a while, try to get a map that has MKS or even PJKs.
3.Keep leveling
4.Start pwnig legacy bosses(yur first one can be obtained in a quest) give it exp so it can lv up.
5.Continue pwning it and others
6Get godly equip
7.Pwn more legacy bosses
8.Go back to step 3

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Once you beat the game and get sterlings whisle then there are extra quests and some of those are storyline quests.

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Go to Port Llaffan, talk to Jona and she will offer a quest. You will be rewarded withe control over the starflight express,

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