Question from Nebion

Asked: 4 years ago

Egg On Ability? Need Help

I checked other sites, and all say go to patty, done that 20 times now, talked to her, made party, went around the counter, used both my own custumized chars and organinals.

I am past the boat of getting my own boat, so i should have it by now.

Is there a way to get, or did i find a glitch ;(. It is patty in the Inn, the one who makes your party right?

Accepted Answer

From: Flameclaw1234 4 years ago

It definitely comes from Patty in the beginning of the game. This I can confirm (I only started the game less than a week ago). You should already have it. If you've switched classes, it can be found if you return to your Minstrel class, as it is unavailable in the other classes.

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I don't remember getting that skill from Patty. I'm not even sure it came from an NPC. It's possible I got it out of a book. I certainly got it before acquiring Krak Pot, so check everything (books and NPCs) around Zere, Stornway, and Angel Falls again and I think you'll eventually find it.

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My memory failed me, but apparently it did come from Patty after saving her from the Hexagon. My guess is it's already in your hero's skill list and you just didn't notice. As far as I know, the hero is the only character that gets it.

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