Question from drumwizzard

Asked: 4 years ago

How do I solve quest 20(A masky task)?

The lady wants a malleable mask more beautiful.Can someone help me please? Thanks

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From: Bladist 4 years ago

Malleable mask = Circlet x1 + Butterfly wing x2 + Narspicious x2

Papillon mask = Malleable mask x1 + Dread dagger x1 + Narspicious x3

Most people can't access the area with the recipes (3rd Floor of Stornway Inn, which requires at least 10 Tagged Guests, so...)

Dread Dagger = Butterfly Knife x1 + Disturbin' Turban x1 + Butterfly Wing x5

Butterfly Knife = Poison Moth Knife x1 + Coagulant x3 + Butterfly Wing x3

Butterfly Knives can be bought in Coffinwell and Alltrades Abbey

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Malleable mask = Circlet x 1 + Butterfly wing x 2 + Narspicious x 2

Papillon mask = Malleable mask x 1 + Dread dagger x 1 + Narspicious x 3

You need the second.

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