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Where can I find (Slipweed)?

Thanx in advance.

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I normally find slipweed whenever i'm not looking for it, and i'm sorry that this answer actually has no difinative answer, but they are all over the place, you just have to commit to look (also you can look in your items list if you already have a little and it will give you the name of the region that you found them in).

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You can find Slipweed at south of the Coffinwell continent, at the middle tier.
as well at Hermany(after crossing the southern bridge at Snowberian Coast), located at the western side.

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Go to this web page:

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As you are walking to the Bowhole located in Wormwood Creek, there's a little island-like land mass connected by two "bridges"

I think that's slipweed...

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If you go to the field area south of Coffinwell there is a circle area which has Slipweed in it.
Hope I helped!

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South east of Coffinwell town {: Also, just before the bowhole, there is an island connected by tree trunks :}

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Slipweed can be found south of Coffinwell, on the first plateu if you're coming from Stornway,
Mid-way to the Bowhole, on the small island conected by two logs and next to the Hermany plateu, in the tilled field.

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I am pretty sure some monsters drop it. I sure have enough of it.

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If you've been to wormwood creek, then zoom(if you have it) to Wormwod creek and go NW of the village, cross the bridge, there is a little island on your map, head to that direction and then cross the logs, and there are your slipweeds.................. hope this helped

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Theres a circle on the ground south from coffinwell that has slipweed, and the small island in west wormwood joined to the map by logs. cross the logs and on the small island theres slipweed.

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