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Asked: 4 years ago

How do I get to zere rocks to get the 7th fygg?

I've gotten the fyggs in allatres abbey, port llafen, bloomindale, gleeba, batsureg and swinedimples academy.

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From: Bladist 4 years ago

Take the east (Right) exit from Dourbridge, and follow the dirt path to a new screen. Continue to follow the path south until it branches between south and northeast; take the northeast path to find Mason's Cabin. Go into the cabin and read the open book on the left desk, then leave the cabin. You should now be able to head north from Mason's Cabin and into the Heights of Loneliness, of which Zere Rocks is on the other side of.

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Zere Rocks is east of Dourbridge on your way to Bloomingdale. There is a pathway going northwest before you get to the bridge that leads to the Bloomingdale/Bad cave area.

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