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Other than the post-game scenario, are there any other places tof find the crystals?

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eXaphor answered:

You can find Chronocrystal at the north of Lonely Coast, which at the eastern side of the southeastern island.
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Shaddowval answered:

Like most really rare items you can find them in blue chests in high level grottos.
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Rybal answered:

Other than grottoes, there isn't a non-postgame way of getting them.

In postgame, you can purchase them for 50k each.
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conkid answered:

There is a red chest in the tower of nod on the sixth level with one. (toer of nod north of coffinwell, need boat to get there or train
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bloodydarn answered:

Besides the red chest in the Tower of Nod, NO crystals CAN NOT be found in blue chests in grottos. you can only purchase them at the north of Lonely Coast in a cave from a merchant for 50K each.
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scrapper14 answered:

A guy sells them.
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