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Where can I easily find a Magus?

I looked in the quarantomb, and Newid Isle, but I slimply cannot find it. Does it have to be at a certain time of day, or a specific place?

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TheBonsaiSlaya answered:

Low level dungeons. I don't recall where, but somewhere along the wight knight quest or slightly later on, but their somewhere there. really, really easy to find and come in packs of 3/4 or 3 w/ another monster.
And the low level map you get from christopher collapsus, you are correct dragon claw.
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VulpesMundi answered:

My memory tells me I saw them wandering around at one point, but I'll be darned if I can remember where. They don't seem to appear on the map for Quarantomb, but they do randomly appear with other monsters in battle. All I can recommend is to be patient. I did get some to appear with two Metal Slime battles in a row, if that helps.
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larryboy181995 answered:

Magus are found in the Quarantomb, Newdid Isle, and grottos.
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dracojp answered:

Not sure but i think there are some south of zere inside other battles.
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dragon_claw12 answered:

the first map you get from the Guy on zere rocks
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BlackWind22 answered:

im playing the game right now and i've spotted some in the quarantomb not by themsleves but in other battles such as with a metal slime. alternatively, as dragon claw and the bonsai slaya says above, treasure maps. They run abundantly in those
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DragooN_25 answered:

Their at the first grotto map and Quarantomb.
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CelestriaSlave answered:

Once you give a Special Medicine(made using alchemy) to the man outside Zere Rocks, go to the Granite Tunnel of Woe near Stornway. they should be on every floor.
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Requiem_Blade answered:

I would say the best place to find a magus is in the Quarantomb (west of coffinwell.) They are weakest there, and thus more easily defeated.
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