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Where do I go after i get 3 fyggs?

I've gotten 3 of the fygg fruits, 1 from the Abbot, 1 from the Lleviathan and 1 from Garth Goyle, so where do i head next?

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rh3ia answered:

After you kill Garth Goyle, go across the bridge north from Bloomingdale, then you come to a cave.Go in there, and you will see a short video.make your way through the cave, then you see marionette.A massive spider comes and knocks marionette out.Then a main story boss fight begin's. Kill the spider,(it took me 4 try's to kill it,) and then cast Evac to get out, then Zoom back to Bloomingdale, and go to the the main story stuff, then go to marion's grand-parents, they will let you on the ship-and sail to Gleeba.Hope this helps you!!!
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yab answered:

go to Bloomingdale which is to the south of Zere Rocks.
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bananachuah answered:

You would then have to proceed to Bloomingdales, then afterwards Gleeba Desert , Batsureg, and Swinedimples Academy in Snowberia. Refer to online maps to understand how to get to the locations.
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crone_nick answered:

Go to bloomingdale where you get a boat (after beating the boss) than you sail to Gleeba, from there sail to batsureg from there swindimples academy beat every boss there than zoom to the blue tree by the altrades abby and summon the starflight.
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