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Where can I find items related to DQ V?

Where can I find any item like Nera's hair or Nera's dress?

MikotoEri provided additional details:

In the strategy guide, it mentions you can have your character look like previous DQ characters with their clothing. I just wondering if you can get these items when guest come to the inn at stromway?

MikotoEri provided additional details:

I have been having problems trying to access thhe DQVC. I am just wondering if it is because of where I live.


sonOFestark answered:

You can make hair in the same color and style as Nera's.
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LeoSmashRoyale answered:

Whenever you log in to Sellma's wifi store, there is a small chance that a character from a previous DQ game can pop up in the inn. It will tell you that a special guest is visiting the inn. Go to the elevator and that person will have their own room. when you talk to them, they will give you a piece of their clothing. However, its hard to say how long that person will stay or if another can show up while that character is still there. (I've only had Alena from DQ4 show up so far and she hasnt left yet).
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will2202 answered:

Did i reall y get this lucky cuz the 1st time i went on dqvc i had a bunch of people visit the inn and they all only gave me tops tho i think you can buy the bottoms from dqvc
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albelclaw answered:

You get the special guests when you download the DQVC and the armor is
Hair-On your birthday set at profile menu( Doesn't have to really be your birthday just set as it)
Top-First time you visit them
Legs-Be the same class as them (Paladin,Minstel etc.)
Boots-Finish the Inn for an Inny, Inn for a Pound quest
Hand slot-Have 30 people tagged at the inn

I'm not sure if these all match up for the equipment/requirement but the requirements are right.
Also, there are some odd ones like Maya who gives you both her top and bottom first time.
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