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How do I beat Darkonium Slimes?

Been acting like a quite a hassle, and they're coupled with two wight kings, so that makes it even worse.

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... Yes, Darkonium Slimes are in this game. If I recall correctly, they're on the 9th floor of the Diamond Snowhall of Dolour Lv. 64 grotto.

d3L3710n provided additional details:

I'm sorry, I meant Lv. 68.

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biokity67 answered:

Use attack supports like oomph or double up, and attack them hard. They hva aroun 400 hp, more or less.
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rccx answered:

Darkonium Slimes are in the game???
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Metalslime13 answered:

If you can it helps to equip as many of your people with uber falcoln swords and use metal slash. Since it is a falcoln sword it will do the metal slash twice in one turn so if u can get up to the full 2x damage multiplier for your fourth metal slash it should do a lot of damage fast. I have never tried this on a Darkonium slime but i took out a metal king slime before it could have its first move so it could work.
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Crazed_kid answered:

The Darkoniums have about 416-431 HP. They are a bit tougher to hit, similar to metal slimes, and are totally immune to all spells so don't try. Get rid of all of the other monsters first because constant missing will cause you wasted turns and wasted mp and hp. So have your main attacker, mine is a gladiator with the gladiator scroll which causes two attacks sometimes, keep spamming his attack, or metal slash if you have it, while your secondary attacks alongside and if you have a mage cast oomph on him. They go down quick if you get hit multipliers. if you have a sage have him heal every turn because you will need it.
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xsmilez answered:

Do not use any elemental equipment! Unless you're using Thunder Thrust, anything elemental won't hit them. Therefore, no magic, no fource, and no Inferno Blades. I kill them easily with regular attacks (party: lvl 60s sage, paladin, warrior, ma). They do have around 400 something HP and they hit hard. Have your healer cast multiheal and have the other 3 attack it to death.
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StellaRella answered:

I had a martial artist to use party pooper and it deals a lot more damage than other attacks or weapons.
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