Question from CSquared107

Lag issues?

Is anyone else having problems with lag? I have an original DS, not a Lite or DSi. Have the new systems come with increased performance, or am I just crazy?! Either could be possible. :)


DQMJ2FTW answered:

Only time i ever have lag is DQVC, words are SLOW to pop up. maybe having it charging while you play will help
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klown013 answered:

I have a DS lite and I get lag as well. Words come up in a very slow, stalled fashion, and when too many moving things are on the screen at one time there is also some issue. Not severe, but enough to notice. I am using this as my primary excuse to buy a 3DS when it comes out.
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Flameclaw1234 answered:

I have a DSi, and I've noticed a bit of lag, especially in towns. I've never gotten it during conversation, though. It goes away in a few moments, and it's not too bad. At least it doesn't happen in battles. I don't think it has anything to do with the system, just the game itself. (I wish you luck in that endeavor, klown013. I know it'll be hard enough for me xD Stupid economy)
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Spazapoluzza answered:

The biggest lag I see is when I'm trying to tag a group of people. The game takes its time to register the fact that I'm surrounded by 20 people and can only tag 3 at a time.
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BWBtehawezome answered:

My game doesn't lag. Either that, or I' ve just not noticed it.
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