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Asked: 4 years ago

I'm in wormwood creek and I don't know what to do next can u help?

I've talked to Wallace at the mayors house and I've got 4 fyggs.

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Wallace ran to a small area on the north eastern side of that area, in a hole that you have to crawl under. Talk to him, and the story continues from there. It took me a while to find him also.

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Oh, sorry, I forgot. You need the seven fyggs first. Not dure which ones you need, but try exploring since you have the ship.

There are three more fyggs. In a plain and in a snowy area on the northeastern continent, and in a desert in the huge island below it.

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Well, you need 3 more fyggs before anything really happens there. One is near Dourbridge, search "How do you get to the Zere Rocks?". Another is at Swinedimples Acadamey, search "How do you get to Swinedimples?". The last is on an island called Gleeba. You get on the ship. You should go to the biggest island in the water [ It is a circular island ] and you'll see the city.

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Once all 7 fyggs are gathered you need to go to the starflight express and go to the observatory................................................the rest is all explained,OH BTW before you go on the starflight you should save.

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I did this, you need 7 fyggs... You should go to the desert first.

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