Question from binks_101

About quest 064?

In finding the badges, are they in the towns or on the plains outside, and if there outside is there a certain monster to beat. I'm on the first one in bloomingdale and iv checked the town and beat every variety of monster, but no luck.

binks_101 provided additional details:

1 Bloomingdale
2 gleeba
3 angel falls
4 coffinwell
5 swinedimples academy

this is the order right because thats the way it is in the diary

Accepted Answer

ShadowAura100 answered:

Well i suggest doing the towns in order like they say first of all, and yes you do obtain it from fighting monsters outside the towns, the chances of obtaining one are randomized, sometimes they can be obtained first try, sometimes they take a while, either way, just keep fighting monsters until you get one.
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