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Critical Hits?

Does deftness increase the chance of critical hits? if not what does? or is it all totally luck.. cuz without a doubt, higher level characters have a higher chance of critical hits and that could just be because of the weapon upgrades with +crit, but im gonna think its more than just that factor

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larryboy181995 answered:

Yes, deftness does increase the chance of critical hits. That generally means you will get more critical hits per normal hit. Though it is all random so you never know when one will come.
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djcroft77 answered:

also, if you read teh instruction manual, deftness "governs a character's ability to make preemptive strikes, perform critical attacks, and flee from battle." Please read manual BEFORE asking questions in forums people!
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annihilator127 answered:

djcroft77, you know some people may not have a copy of the manual, right?

I think you probably have a minstrel, but it may be worth noting that the warrior coup de grace is always a critical hit.
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Theultranerd answered:

Ever since my thief got +40 deftness he gets criticals almost every turn now.
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