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Where do i get the quest that i need to do to fly?

I just beat the game last night and i have no clue where to go next!

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Wrong! I found my answer on the boards: You CAN fly (its a post-game thing), and also, no offense, but i think ik how to zoom or else i could have gotton back to stornway at all to use alchemy, plus YA thers a ship, how else could i have gotten to gleeba, swinedimples or that uh... native human place... (idk how to spell the name... batsureg?)

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TheTaker3k answered:

You can get the quest to let you fly by talking to jona after the game. You then go and buy the items you need and then talk to jona, then go to the cliff and fight the leviathon again, but hes way tougher this time around.
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2L84U_Ninja answered:

If by fly you mean teleport to any town you've been to then you get that after you gather all the benevolence you need and go back to the observatory. If you mean fly around on the world map you cannot do that in this game, but you do get a boat at once point in the story.
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