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What are "Jobs"?

I heard theres some old guy that gives jobs or something so whats with that?

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Ok, but which quests and where do you find them? and could you acuire those extras jobs via patty at the inn?

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ShadowAura100 answered:

I only know of 5 of the job quests the last can only be obtainable after the storyline has been completed, which i still have yet to beat the final boss, the quest for gladiator is #103, for paladin is #106, #109 for armamentalist, #112 for ranger, and #115 for sage, if you want to know where and how to get them they have already been asked and answered just look around the Q&A list in the quest section and you will find them.

And no, when creating a new character you can only choose from the 6 classes they gave you, but you can always go to Alltrades Abbey and talk to Jack of Alltrades to change to those extra classes
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ShadowAura100 answered:

Basicaly theyre the classes your characters have right now, theyre also called jobs, each one has their own stats, spells, and skillsets to learn, theres 6 already avaliable (should know since theyre the 6 you could choose from when creating a partner character) and 6 that are unlocked by completing a quest
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