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What vocations can equip a whip?

What vocations can equip a whip

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How do i get Luminary?

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xsmilez answered:

You can only get Luminary post-game. After you beat the game, go to the dance hall in Gleeba, go towards the left and speak to Applaudia, who is standing right by the entrance to the dressing room. She will ask you to defeat a Moai Minstrel with the Hot Lick ability. Moai Minstrels can only be found in grottoes. Consult the FAQs for more info about them.

@Flameclaw, I don't think you read my initial post properly ;]
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xsmilez answered:

Only the Mage, Minstrel, and Luminary by default.
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Flameclaw1234 answered:

xsmilez, Can't the Minstrel equip a whip as well?
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