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Quest 103 - slime specific?

Does the slime have to be the standard slime found around Angel Falls or can it be ANY iteration of slime?

boopbeepboop asked for clarification:

What type of class should you use?

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KaminoNeko answered:

It has to be a blue, but it doesn't have to be outside Angel Falls. The ones that combine into Slime Stacks and Slime Kings in other areas are useful for this - just keep killing the extras so they don't form up while you're getting your Tension up. They shouldn't run away, preferring to call in friends for their formation.
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Rybal answered:

Probably has to be a plain, blue slime. As a word of advice, weaken your party or use war cry so that they don't run away while you are building tension.
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ShadowAura100 answered:

Another good distraction attack could be trip of a deathtime, since it effects all enimies in the group you can possibly get all 3 you need in one battle
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playingforfun answered:

war cry and pratfall are both group target turn denial. Also priest learns sleep at a low level.
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blueslimeking answered:

It has to be a blue slime but I did it on slime stacks before the stacked themselves, so I killed the other two while i egg on my dragon slash.
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rh3ia answered:

When I did this quest, I went just outside the Abbey, because the slimes are pretty brave and they offen don't flee from battle. My main person cast egg on my warrior, then I kept on egging on her, while every second turn my Marshal Artist did War Cry, and every time my Warrior got 100 tension, she did dragon slash.At the end, the slimes had called on at least another 6 slimes, and I had done 3 dragon slashes and my mage just cast crackle when I had done all 3 and they all died!!! JOB DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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