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How can i use martial artist manual)?

It says that i can store tension from battle to battle but how does it work?

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But what is the effect how does the item work???

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LordGeovanni answered:

When you have the Manual in that character's inventory, at the end of a battle if that character had any tension, he or she will have that same tension at the start of the next battle.
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okkim28 answered:

Just transfer the scroll manual that you get to the character that you want to take its effect, just like transfering your medicine herbs. then it will take effect automatically
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outtapride answered:

Put the scroll into the martial artist you want to use via transfer
The scroll as long its in the bag of the martial artist will take effect
So you gotta keep the scroll in the bag of the character since its passive
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goosebump13 answered:

Let me clarify this so all you do is put the manual in your martial artists inventory then in a battle say like you have 50 tension on your martial artist and you beat the monster without using your tension the next battle you do in the same area you will have the tension you had. but it decreases, like you have 50 tension the next battle youll have 25 next battle youll have 5 next none. get it?............... hoped this helped you out :)
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